ABOUT Speedbird Concorde

This website is dedicated to those who tirelessly devoted themselves and their hard work to keep Concorde in service for almost three decades. Honoring Concorde, honoring the past and future of supersonic passenger flight.

Speedbird Concorde aims to revive the thrill and elegance of supersonic passenger flight through the publication of educational articles and the sharing of rare supersonic airliner-oriented images. The preservation of existing supersonic airliners, such as Concorde or the Tupolev TU-144 is a prominent theme at Speedbird Concorde.

On a more personal level, my passion for aviation was sparked by the prolific Concorde in 2009, and has since shaped my life in aviation. My passion has taken me down roads I never thought I would stride down 7 years ago. I currently work at Boom Supersonic, a Denver-startup aiming to bring back supersonic passenger flight at business class fares.

I am the original founder of Aviation Nation on Instagram, but have since passed the account on to a trusted friend in hopes that I can put more effort into Speedbird Concorde.

For questions on Concorde and supersonic passenger flight, please contact me using the website’s contact form. Thank you!

Cheers, Emma.